Global Immigration Services

A team of skilled lawyers and specialists guarantee efficiency and agility in all legal aspects related to immigration and the global mobilization of personnel, seeing to all legal requirements while satisfying the needs of corporate clients across the globe. We manage the complete mobilization process, from handling the immigration logistics of each particular case to processing all legal and administrative documentation in both the home and host country. Our immigration consulting for corporations includes a deep understanding of country-by-country labor laws and other requirements that can affect an employee's terms of entry or ability to work in a particular country, as well as the corporation's compliance with specific laws in each country.

Global Coverage

At EMS our goal is to satisfy all the immigration needs of our clients, which is why we provide global coverage to efficiently handle whatever legal needs may arise. EMS takes responsibility for the entire process, in both home and host country, from case-by-case analysis of all immigration and legal requirements to managing the required documentation.

Strategy and Implementation

With EMS, clients can count on a team of skilled professionals to manage the entire immigration process in both departure and arrival countries. From designing an effective immigration strategy to dealing with all the legal and administrative formalities, everything is handled with an eye to each country´s work requirements and specific laws.

Our Global Immigration Services include:

Immigration Consulting
Our legal consulting is based on extensive knowledge of the requirements and regulations that can affect immigration and an employee´s ability to work in a certain country. With our services, both the company and employee can rest assured they are fulfilling the laws of their host country.
Services in the Home Country
EMS’s immigration service helps handle everything needed before the employee departs. Our services in the home country include obtaining, translating and processing documents as well as taking care of all the details that arise before departure. EMS is qualified to offer these services in more than 85 countries.
Continuous Tracking and Support
Our system allows us to track the immigration status of all your personnel. EMS keeps a record of your employees’ immigration documents and expiration dates, sets renewal reminders and helps insure that employees always have the proper immigration status while on international assignment. In addition, we give our clients access to this system so they can see the progress of each case in just one location.
Assistance in Home and Host Countries
Our services in the home country include: consular assistance, preparation of consular files, work and residency visas, temporary visas, and the procurement, legalization and Apostille of all necessary documents.

To help in the host country, our company offers immigration planning and implementation, work and residency visas, identification documents and driving licenses, work and tax registrations, health coverage assistance and more.

Other Migratory Services
Likewise, we offer additional services that can be contracted independently:

  • Procurement of documents and certificates
  • Translation, notarization, legalization and Apostille of documents
  • Renewal of permits, visas and documents
  • Modifications to migratory status
  • Recognition of academic degrees
  • Notarial powers
  • Travel authorizations

With this approach we make sure that each case is handled not only successfully but optimally, thus reducing costs and time for both our clients and their employees.

After many years of experience we have learned to anticipate problems and complications that may arise during the immigration process and to deal with them promptly, which means time-savings and reduced costs for the client.


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