Destination Services

As a premier destination services company, we are convinced that by offering families complete information and effective counsel on the realities they can expect to encounter in their new destination, we can turn relocation into a smooth process that will ultimately be an enjoyable, positive experience for them.


Once the employee gets to their new home, EMS acts as their trusted local contact and friend, reaching out to them with personalized help throughout every step of the experience. We strongly believe that with detailed information and smart advice, we can turn relocation into an enriching experience.

Support and Advice

At EMS we empathize with the anxiety and stress relocation creates for the worker and their family, aspects which can keep the employee from getting up to speed quickly in their new assignment. This is why we provide useful advice on all pertinent subjects as quickly as possible to both Human Resources and the worker.

Home Search
EMS uses local experts to help your employee find the perfect home for their family, providing information on options in the local real estate market and helping them choose a new home. Our consultants assist in all areas, from first negotiations to signing the contract, and also take care of getting basic services connected, leaving the employee and their family completely settled in their new home.
School Search
Based on detailed knowledge of the educational systems available in the new city, our team assists parents in selecting the school that best meets the needs of their children. Our consultants accompany parents to meetings at the schools and help with admission and registration.
Orientation Tour
EMS offers the expatriate valuable advice before their arrival, and provides a personalized guide adapted to the needs of each individual family member on all the ‘wheres’ and ‘hows’ of the host city. Upon arrival, EMS meets with the assignee and their family, giving them a welcome package followed by a specialized tour of the city.


Intercultural Training
When an expatriate understands the values and attitudes of their new country, their connection and adaptation to the new cultural environment is smoother and quicker. With EMS´s Intercultural Training, newcomers will integrate more rapidly into their new location while the worker´s productivity will rise quickly as well.
Search for Temporary Lodging
Given the large rise in short-term assignments, companies are always looking for ways to save on lodging costs for their employees. EMS selects apartments suitable for short-term assignments, giving expatriates high-quality, furnished lodging with flexible rental periods, adapted to the needs of your company.

What we offer Human Resources is an easy, economical alternative when choosing temporary housing for their employees in major cities throughout the world.

Other Services
Offered here are a wide-range of independent relocation services that can be combined and personalized with complete flexibility and are easily adaptable to the needs and budget of each individual client:

  • Assistance in buying furniture for the house
  • Help in renting or buying a vehicle
  • Advice on choosing doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.
  • Search for domestic help
  • Finding and securing insurance policies
  • Airport transfers and private transportation
  • Dual Career Program
  • Departure and repatriation services
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