Customized Solutions

EMS offers a wide array of solutions that adapt easily to the specific policies of each company and to the individual needs of the expatriate.

EMS has a full range of services available in customized packages that adapt to your specific needs. Whether the number of international assignments at your company is large or small, EMS finds effective solutions with a focus on:

  • Streamlining costs associated with the expatriation process.
  • Finding ways to strengthen employee performance in the new assignment.
  • Reducing the stress and hassles associated with mobilization.

Our Customized Solutions include:

Consulting Services

Our customized consulting services are designed to help companies make the expatriation process faster, easier and more efficient. Whether employees are newcomers to global mobility or experienced in relocating, our all-inclusive consulting services help businesses design expatriation policies and optimize the tracking and control of employee mobility.

Reports and studies
Studies are made to provide the company with the necessary resources to make decisions related to expatriation:

  • Comparative study on expatriation policies
  • Development of expatriation policies
  • City reports
  • Real estate market reports
  • Design of professional Dual Career Program
  • Expatriate manual
  • Design of welcome program
  • Report on selection of expatriates
  • Design of relocation programs
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