Our team comes from all different corners of the globe, with wide professional and cultural diversity, but what unites us is the passion to serve our clients

At EMS we are extremely proud of our team. We have top professionals in each area – lawyers, relocation consultants and real estate experts – who advise our clients based on their professional experience but also with empathy and understanding, given that many of us have personally experienced what it means to relocate to a new country.

The multicultural EMS team can communicate with our clients in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Polish, Russian, Chinese and Greek, and our professional team has more than 10 nationalities. Furthermore, at EMS we offer our consultants continuous training to insure their professional development, utilizing internal training courses as well as constant updates on the legal aspects of immigration.

Given the direct work we do with expatriates, at EMS we have introduced in-house Intercultural Training using modules and training courses to further consolidate the mastery and experience of our professionals.



Made up of a team of skilled lawyers and specialists who guarantee efficiency and agility in all legal aspects related to immigration and the global mobilization of personnel.


A group composed of a multi-disciplinary team including relocation consultants, real estate advisors, child psychologists and cultural guidance counselors. Our professionals use their experience and know-how to make arrival and adaptation to the host country an easy and enriching experience.

Global Mobility

We have a large, cohesive team that serves as support for our specialists, with diverse departments that complement each other globally and use a multi-disciplinary vision to guarantee the success of our services.

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