From the beginning, we have provided valuable advice to companies on the mobility of their employees.

Today, we have 10 international locations and provide services in more than 85 countries.

At EMS, we have a solid track record of 30 years of experience, throughout which we have perfected our methods and work tools to offer corporate solutions for the global mobility of personnel.

Founded by Ana Gazarian, EMS began in 1986 as Gazarian & Associates, a law firm specializing in all aspects of immigration for multinational corporations.

Over the years, Gazarian & Associates has developed its international division, EMS, offering immigration and relocation services. Currently, EMS has offices in 10 countries and operations in more than 85.

We offer services with extremely high added-value, based on a business culture that promotes:

  • Streamlining costs associated with expatriation.
  • Finding ways to improve employee performance in the new location.
  • Reducing the stress and hassles associated with mobilization.
  • Saving time for the company and forming long-term relationships by becoming a trusted part of their team.
Ana Gazarian

Ana Gazarian

Chief Executive Officer

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