The National Institute of Migration is empowered to carry out verification visits in order to verify that companies that are in national territory comply with the obligations set forth in the Migration Law and its Regulations, such as:

  1. The existence of the company’s address.
  2. The existence of the Legal Representative at the address.
  3. The normal operation of the company in terms of its obligations.
  4. Acknowledgement of procedures registered in the INM system

For reasons of both national security and public order, the National Migration Institute has a discretionary power to carry out verification visits randomly, without prior announcement, and subject to the criteria formulated by the Institute itself.

Unfortunately, in the country there is great ignorance of these visits by companies and INM personnel are often denied access when they go to registered addresses, since they usually do not have a prior appointment.

In the event that the legal representative does not attend the visit, there are consequences for the companies and their foreign employees since the INM officials leave without carrying out the inspections and report that the company does not have a normal operation, so the INM can suspend the company's employer record (which allows natural and legal persons to hire foreign personnel), which results in the pause of any immigration process in progress until said certificate is regularized with a new successful verification visit.

It is important to note that foreigners traveling to Mexico on company-sponsored work visas or even company-related business trips may face increased scrutiny at the port of entry.

Due to the above, it is important to instruct the security or reception staff of the building so that when INM officials arrive, they immediately notify a company representative so that they can assist them, likewise we recommend contacting an expert EMS consultant who will provide appropriate immigration advice to adequately correct the visit of immigration personnel.

*** If you have any questions or want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, an expert EMS consultant will advise you according to your needs.

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