With a strategic geographic location, excellent supply chains, fiscal stimuli and a talented and young workforce, Mexico is the second most important economy in Latin America and the 9th country within the 25 most attractive countries for investors worldwide. There are several factors that make Mexico a strategic point for business in global markets:

  • Mexico is the country with the largest number of trade agreements in the world. The country has 12 free trade agreements with more than 46 countries (including the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, Japan, Israel and with various South American countries, as well as the Trans-Pacific Economic Cooperation Agreement, which brings together 11 countries).
  • There are many sectors with high investment potential: Key economic sectors such as auto parts, machinery, chemicals, electronics and food, represent a magnificent opportunity for investors.
  • Political, economic and social stability, added to the phenomenon of relocation, position Mexico as one of the most attractive and competitive countries internationally.

Due to the above, investors (whether private or companies) seek to have a presence in Mexico to do so, Mexican immigration laws contemplate the following options:

  1. Temporary residence visa due to economic solvency: allows a foreigner to obtain an immigration document (temporary resident card), by demonstrating that he has sufficient financial resources to cover his expenses during his stay in the country.
  2. Temporary residence visa for being an investor: ideal for those foreigners who want to start a business project in Mexico or who are shareholders in Mexican companies, or even owners of real estate within Mexico.

If you want to create a company in Mexico or expand your business to the country from abroad, these types of visas will allow you to participate in commercial activities related to your business, as well as influence your eligibility for permanent residence.

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