If your desire is to go to Saudi Arabia with a foreign or Saudi company, it is important that the company as well as the employee understand very clearly the requirements necessary to be able to request and obtain work and residence visas. The immigration system for foreign employees in Saudi Arabia have a strict analysis of requirements and applicable procedures needed. The requirements to apply for visas vary depending on the consulates.

To decide which type of visa is needed, you must know:

  • What activity is going to be carried out?
  • Period of stay?
  • With a registered company?
  • With or without family?

In addition, it is important to know that a quota program exist that forces Saudi companies to fulfill ´Saudization´ to be able to hire expatriates who want to join the work environment of that company, for which these posts must be justified to the Ministry of the Interior to prove the reason for this need from behalf of the employer.

Restrictions and requirements vary depending on the position, sex and qualifications of the employee. For example, for highly-qualified employees, the university degree and the employee´s experience must coincide with the job being offered and should be indicated on the work authorization, and these people will have greater ease and benefits than employees without professional degrees, who will not be able to bring their families.

Women, additionally, have more difficulties and requirements they must fulfill, beyond just the cultural ones. For example, women over the age of 45 who travel to Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by a Mahram, who must be a male family member such as a father, brother, husband or son, until they leave the country. For women under the age of 35, it will be difficult to obtain a visa without obtaining a prior special exemption.

If you need help determining the type of visa applicable, requirements and procedures, you can contact us directly at: info@emsir.azurewebsites.net.


Immigration System for Foreign Employees in Saudi Arabia

Immigration System for Foreign Employees in Saudi Arabia

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