In the context of the rapprochement and strengthening of bilateral relations between Mexico and Brazil, both governments have explored the implementation of new measures that facilitate the mobility and circulation of their citizens, in a safe, orderly and regular manner, between the two countries.

In this sense, and in follow-up to the agreements reached within the framework of the V Brazil-Mexico Binational Commission, carried out during the recent visit to Mexico by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mauro Vieira, and the recent contact between Minister Vieira and the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Alicia Bárcena, both countries agreed to establish, in the coming months, the reciprocal system of electronic visas.

Without losing sight of the common objective of the gradual return to the Visa Exemption Agreement between Brazil and Mexico, the joint adoption of electronic visas will allow Brazilian and Mexican citizens to request – quickly, safely and without the need to go to consular offices – a visitor visa for tourism and business purposes in the two countries.

In 2022, the Mexican government unilaterally ended the visa waiver for Brazilian visitors, close to 300,000 each year, while Brazil chose not to change its policy and continue without requiring the consular stamp for Mexicans.

If there were no changes, the minister warned that Brazil would be forced by reasons of reciprocity to start requesting visas from Mexican visitors.

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