From now on, it will be easier for foreigners to apply and receive a work permit in Brazil. The Ministry of Labor and Employment (MET) authorized the direct and indirect public administration organs to provide the service and issue the documentation.

In order for this new system to work, federal, state or municipal institutions will have to establish a cooperation agreement with the regional superintendents of the MTE.

The purpose of this measure is to reduce bureaucracy, decentralize the activities, and decreasethe waiting time and costs while increasing the efficiency in serving professionals and their access to the services. This change is part of a series of initiatives that the Ministry has been implementing in order to modernize the services provided by the organ throughout the country.

“The modernization of our legislation and all technology investments have decreased by 24% the number of cases attended by the Immigration General Coordination. We are delighted with this result, which reduces the timethat the workers wait for the service and contribute to the country’s development.”said the Minister of Labour and Employment, Manoel Dias.

The new measures were published in the Official Gazette under ordinance number 699 this Friday (29). Thus, the issue of the documentationwill be carried out only through the Information System of the Labor and Social Security (CTPSWeb).

Data – On March 10, the MTE announced the numbers of the foreign labor in Brazil. The document shows that in 2014, 51.751 foreign workers were allowed to work in the country. However, about 10.000, who came to Brazil for short work periods, were authorized to come directly at the consulates of their countries of origin thanks to the modernization of legislation, thus not being applicable to enter the foreign labor statistics of the MTE.

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