Tax Consulting Services

Our team is made up of skilled lawyers and tax specialists with broad knowledge on all tax legislation associated with the global mobility of personnel.

Specialized Consulting

Our team of specialists provides expert advice to the company as well as the employees on international assignment, insuring that tax laws are complied with in both the home and host country. To this end, we take advantage of international agreements to minimize double taxation and help companies and workers get the best possible benefits when it comes to taxation.

From beginning to end, our tax services form an integral part of the entire assignment.

Start of Assignment
  • Meeting with employee to provide information on tax obligations related to the assignment.
  • Analysis of the expatriate’s tax status and tax residency both in Spain and the host country. Implications of agreements to avoid double taxation. Possible tax benefits resulting from their assignment.
  • Presentation of documentation and compliance with all necessary tax requirements to start working in the host country.
  • Changes to Spanish tax residency.
During the Assignment
  • Tax consulting, individualized for the employee.
  • Preparation and presentation of tax returns for the employee and spouse in Spain and in the host country.
  • Attention to requirements issued by the tax authorities arising from the assignment.
End of Assignment
  • Meeting upon completion of assignment.
  • Planning and follow-up on pending tax obligations in the host country.
  • Compliance with required formalities to finalize activities in the host country.

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