We believe the success of our company is based on the success of our clients.

This is why we offer innovative, simple and flexible solutions from a team of professionals committed to going far beyond the expectations of our clients.
EMS Employee Mobility Solutions tax services
EMS Employee Mobility Solutions relocation services
EMS Employee Mobility Solutions immigration services

Our Values

Our experience is based on providing effective solutions and constant commitment to companies to help insure their international expansion and business development are successful. A solid relationship with Human Resources departments as well as empathy and patience with the international employee and their family form part of our know-how and set the standards for our business philosophy. This is why our basic values are built on the following:


We work hard to meet needs and exceed client expectations, both internally and externally, offering an extremely high level of quality.

Excellence and Expertise

At EMS we like things to be done properly, and for our work to be finished completely and with exceptional quality; our knowledge and experience can be seen clearly in the service provided.


For EMS, it is essential that our employees share their information and knowledge, increasing the team’s professionalism and assuring that everyone works with the same procedures for the same services. All this means we provide the highest quality at every level to the client.

Innovation and Proactivity

We are constantly finding new and efficient ways to do things and creating new approaches to solve problems.


As people who are involved to the limit in our work, we dedicate all our capabilities toward achieving the objectives of the company.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We take pride in the ability to improve or create services, products and ways of doing business that not only make us a better company but also have a direct impact on results.

Honesty and Integrity

Those of us who form part of EMS are always seen as people who are totally trustworthy, honest and direct.

Flexible Services

We adapt our services to the needs of each of our clients, offering creative solutions for what the company requires in any part of the world.

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