International Moves Services

Comprehensive moving, logistical and transportation services for home furnishings to every part of the world.

Management Flexibility

EMS provides expert international moves management services to help clients move furnishings and personal belongings easily and rapidly around the globe. By using one point of contact and support, with worldwide tracking and control of moving suppliers, clients know the status and condition of the move at all times. To give the employee and their family more options, a secure storage service of short- or long-term duration is also available in the home country.

Coordination and Support

We coordinate all services with the client, among them overseeing the evaluation of cubic capacity and creation of an appropriate budget, pickup of belongings at the original residence, drafting of an assessed inventory for insurance purposes, collection of customs documentation, delivery at the new home and pickup of leftover packing materials when finished.

Global Services
  • International and national moves
  • Management of a network of global moving suppliers
  • Quality and specialized packing, loading, unloading and unpacking
  • Door-to-door pickup of domestic furnishings and other personal or office belongings
  • Customs office and shipping
  • Transport and storage of motor vehicles
  • Short- or long-term storage
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