Interested in relocating to Peru? It is important that you take a look at the tips that our experts have written for you, to ensure a smooth transition into your new country.


1. In which industries are most expats involved in? What regions are they centered in?

2. How do expats typically find housing? Do they rent or buy? What are some of the most popular living areas? What is a typical range for housing costs?

3. How business is typically conducted in Peru? In essence, are meetings formal or informal? How are relationships built? Is knowledge of Spanish a plus?

4. What are the visa and work permit requirements for expats?

5. What employment options do spouses have?

6. What schooling options are available for expat families?

7. What are some popular leisure activities for expats – festivals, recreation, and culture?

8. Are there shipping and customs rules unique to Peru?

9. Should expats take security precautions in particular areas? I found details on permitted and restricted areas for U.S. government employees at Are these good parameters to follow?

10. What kind of health insurance should expats have? How do they typically access health care?

11. Do expats typically open bank accounts in Peru, or can they use their home banking?

12. What is the most surprising or delightful thing about life in Peru?


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