The H-1B Visa allows employers to attract or retain highly skilled professionals, including, amongst others, IT professionals, architects, engineers, lawyers, researchers or designers to work in the United States.

The H-1B Registration Lottery is held each year to provide the opportunity to work under this type of visa in the US. It works through a mechanism to randomly allocate a limited number of H-1B visas.

As there is a random selection, it is important for employers to register for the H-1B lottery at the first opportunity, even if the employee's work authorization does not expire next year. It is also very important to prepare alternatives is the current employment authorization expires soon.

Employers will need to enter their employees in a lottery in March, so, in order to receive complete legal assistance from our team for H-1B visa applications, we would need to be contacted by February 1st.

*** If you have any questions or want more information, do not hesitate to contact us, an expert EMS consultant will provide you with appropriate advice based on your requirements. 

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