The U.S. Embassy in Madrid announced this morning a phased reopening starting July 20 of some of their visa services as well as the limited possibility to make visa appointments for those applicants who qualify for an exception to the COVID-19 Presidential Proclamations with imminent travel necessities.

Although the proclamations 9993, 10014 and 10052 are still in effect, travelers urgently seeking to enter the U.S. under the non-affected visa categories (F, M and certain J) will be able to schedule a visa appointment. Travel is still not authorized for individuals that have stayed in the Schengen Area 14 days prior to their arrival to the U.S.

As the Embassy in Madrid re-opens and other embassies in other countries follow the same steps, the question arises as of what will happen with the holders of an approved visa who did not get to stamp their passports. We hope that this information will become available in the weeks to come.

For more information regarding the re-opening of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid re-opening and their FAQ on the restrictions in place use the following link:

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