The European Commission has issued two Resolutions regarding the proposal of digitization of the Schengen visa process and replacing the Visa Sticker.

Theses resolutions have been published by the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and propose the digitalization of the Schengen visa process, thus replacing the visa sticker and introducing the possibility of submitting visa applications online through the corresponding European platform.

This platform will automatically determine which Schengen country is responsible for process the application, in particular when the applicant intends to visit several Schengen countries. And it will provide with up-to-date information on short-term Schengen visas, as well as all necessary information on requirements and procedures, such as supporting documents, visa fees or the need for an appointment to collect biometric identifiers. Additionally, the visa includes state-of-the-art security features, which will be more secure than the current visa label.

This process follows the objective of digitizing visa processing procedures and that said proposal is concluded in 2025. This measure represents an opportunity to streamline the visa application process by reducing costs, processing time, processing of paper documents, the mobility of the applicant to travel to the Consulate and process the visa in person, etc. It also involves harmonization and unification of visa application procedures in the Schengen area by all Spanish consulates abroad.

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Source: EUR-Lex


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