In Lima, through Legislative Decree 1236, Peru introduces a new Law on Foreign Nationals which will facilitate the arrival and residence in the country, adapting and controlling the increase in migration to Peru that is currently occuring.

Also, in accordance with the law, to remain or reside in Peru foreigners ¨have the obligation to keep their condition as a migrant regularized, as well as to be up-to-date on the tax obligations related to their immigration status.¨

According to Peru´s legal norms, with this new immigration law foreigners will enjoy and exercise basic rights such as access to health care, education, and employment, all under the same conditions as nationals.

Should a change in immigration status or the situation become necessary, the foreigner will need to verify Peruvian regulations, especially if they need information on family reunification.

Undoubtedly, this will help the deficit existing in Peru when it comes to foreign investment and also provide an increase in human talent for the country´s growth and development.

We should also pay attention to the specific sanctions that will be established for foreigners who violate public order and harm national heritage. These offenders may be punished with expulsion from the country, as well as find themselves in difficulties if they wish to return.


Peru introduces a new Law on Foreign Nationals

Peru introduces a new Law on Foreign Nationals

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