As a way to speed up the foreigners’ migratory procedures in the country, the National Institute of Migration has definitively established the use of the Electronic Multiple Migratory Form (FMME) for those tourists who enter Mexico.

The FMME certifies that the applicant's immigration status is regular, without permission to carry out paid activities with a maximum validity of 180 calendar days and can only be used for one entrance.

The applicant needs to print the Multiple Immigration Form obtained electronically on the page  and must present it at the place intended for international transit of people for whom you intend to enter.

The applicant must present a valid and current passport and visa in case their nationality requires it, as well as the Multiple Immigration Form obtained electronically for air entry (FMME) at the time of requesting their admission.

The printing of the Multiple Electronic Migration Form does not guarantee entry to Mexico. The Federal Immigration Agents will review and seal the procedure, for which they have to present the documents that prove the visitor's nationality and their reason for entering the country.

In addition to the FMME, the authorities are stamping a passport stamp:

In the new linear stamp, the Federal Migration Agent (AFM) will choose the reason for the trip, write the date on which the foreigner must leave Mexican territory and place his signature.

The migratory linear stamp will only be stamped on the valid and current passport or document and not on the FMME since it will be generated automatically in the INM systems.

This new process is being applied both to Visitors (tourism/business), as well as to foreigners who enter to carry out their "exchange" processes, for which it is of the utmost importance to have your FMME to expedite your entry into the country.

If you have any questions or want more information about this or any other immigration procedure in Mexico, do not hesitate to contact us, an expert EMS consultant will provide you with appropriate immigration advice based on your requirements.

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