EMS Mexico informs that, due to the holiday period, the Immigration National Institute (INM) schedules a possible office closure from December 19, 2022 to January 1, 2023. The INM would be resuming activities as normal from the day January 2, 2022.

Although the final dates could be adjusted according to the workload in the INM offices in Mexico, EMS suggests, to avoid any setbacks on these December dates, take into account the following considerations:

  • RESIDENT CARDS RENEWAL DUE TO EXPIRATION DURING THE CLOSING PERIOD: Given that the terms are still suspended since 2021 due to COVID, the renewal procedures could be carried out as of the first week of work in 2023. However, it is necessary to contact your EMS executive to validate each case according to the stay conditions in the country, the expiration date of the migratory card, etc., to provide the best course to follow according to the particular process.
  • PROCEDURES IN PROGRESS: If your migration card renewal and/or issuance process is in progress at the immigration office and you require to leave the country, it is recommended to request an exit permit no later than Monday, December 12, since the minimum term to request any exit permit is 5 business days.
  • EXIT PERMITS DURING THE CLOSING PERIOD: In an emergency, immigration offices at local airports are empowered to issue exit permits, normally within 48 business hours. The urgency of leaving the country must be proven.

However, the criteria they apply may differ from one place to another and sometimes, due to ignorance, the airport staff could cancel the current process open before the INM in order to issue the corresponding exit permit.

Therefore, in order to avoid delays and setbacks in the case of a trip already scheduled, the importance of requesting an exit permit at the local immigration office no later than the indicated date is reiterated.

According to the final dates that the Immigration National Institute (INM) schedules in each office, delays in the resolution of the ongoing processes are expected, as well as a high workload by the end of the year.

*If you have any questions or want more information about this or any other immigration procedure in Mexico, do not hesitate to contact us, an expert EMS consultant will provide you with appropriate immigration advice based on your requirements.

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