Colombia – Additional documents for work visa applications of TP – 4, since early last March, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia has requested additional documents that had been demanding for applications for work visas are contributed TP – 4 and visas for dependent beneficiaries. The now required additional documents are:

  • For the first request for TP – 4 visa temporary jobs for local employees: Employment contract;
  • For renewal of employment visa TP – 4: A labor certification issued by the Colombian company; and
  • Visas for dependent beneficiaries: marriage certificates and birth issued and legalized within three months prior to the visa application.

As a result of this, companies in Colombia that require the processing of such visas for foreign employees should coordinate the necessary steps so that at the time the request is filed, be provided all required documents, including these additional documents and thus prevent the prolonged resolution times from the administration. Documents not provided in the initial application, may be required by the Ministry subsequently, which in most cases leads to delays of up to about 30 days. Currently, only it is being requested to provide the employment contract for the processing of visas TP – 4 visas.

However, it is expected that the contribution of that contract also may be required for visa applications for local employees  (Visa TP -13).

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