• Immigration Electronic Sworn Statement to be filled out within 48hs prior boarding and will require to attach PCR result and vaccination certificate, then PRINT copy of the confirmation e-mail to board a flight (all passengers including children). Please remember it’s also required to fill out the sworn statement form to exit Argentina.
  • Complete Vaccination record/certificate, the 2nd vaccine inoculation must have been received at least FOURTEEN (14) days prior to entering the country. Travelers who have been fully vaccinated in Argentina will have to declare it in the Immigration Sworn Statement form, those who have been vaccinated abroad will have to attach copy of the vaccination record to the Immigration Sworn form while completing it.  
  • A negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior boarding the flight to Argentina (all passengers including children over age 6).
  • COVID-19 Medical Insurance. (only for Non-resident foreigners)
  • Children who are NOT fully vaccinated will not have to observe 7 day quarantine. Children included in the aforementioned situation are recommended not to carry out group activities or attend group or mass events during the first SEVEN (7) days from their arrival in the country.

Please note that Argentines and residents who are not fully vaccinated are allowed to enter the country, but they will have to observe 7 day quarantine and undergo a Second PCR test on the 7th day since arrival.

Once in the national territory, the persons who enter the country must carry, during the FOURTEEN (14) days after their arrival, the documentation that accounts for the fulfillment of the sanitary requirements demanded in the preceding paragraphs as a condition for their entry.

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