• Continues the suspension of flights FROM/TO United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Africa, and flights from Brazil, Chile and India.
  • New: The number of passengers allowed to enter Argentina will be gradually increased until reaching 7000 passengers per week between July 24 and August 6.

Requirements to enter Argentina:

  • Authorized travelers: nationals, residents, visa holders.
  • Direct relatives: Authorization for foreign direct relatives of nationals/residents to enter Argentina continues to be suspended until August 6th.
  • Immigration Electronic Sworn Statement to be filled out within 48hs prior boarding and present PRINT copy of the confirmation e-mail in order to board a flight (all passengers including children). Please remember it’s also required to fill out the sworn statement form to EXIT Argentina.
  • APP “Cuidar”: All travelers must download on arrival the APP “Cuidar”, which will track self-quarantine compliance and provide Covid self-diagnosis every 48 Hs.
  • Sworn Statement requested by the BA Government: Travelers residing in Buenos Aires City (CABA) must also fill out the Sworn Statement requested by the BA Government,, prior travelling.  
  • A negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior boarding (all passengers including children over age 6). Print copy to show at the departure and arrival airports.
  • A Covid-19 PCR Test upon arrival at the Ezeiza Airport (you will have to wait for the test result which takes between 30 min - 2 hours)
  • Quarantine: 7 days mandatory quarantine and then take a SECOND PCR Test on the 7th day since arrival as a requirement to conclude the mandatory quarantine period.
  • Travelers who were already abroad before July 1 and will return to Argentina in the coming days or weeks and have Negative PCR results on arrival will have to comply with the 7 day mandatory isolation in their homes, and will have to make PCR test on the 7th day to conclude the isolation period.
  • Travelers who have left and returned to Argentina between July 1 and August 31 depending on their residence location will have to obey the quarantine period in places established by the local authorities (hotels), despite having negative test results and being fully vaccinated.
  • The tests and quarantine lodging associated expenses will be assumed by the passenger.

IMPORTANT: there will be a stricter control of quarantine compliance and if non-compliance is verified, criminal charges will be filed for violation of measures against epidemics and disobedience to public authority, punishable by imprisonment of six months to two years and imprisonment from 15 days to one year, respectively (Arts. 205 and 239 Criminal Law).

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